About Me

Hello, I’m Archie Andrews and I’m a Unity C# games developer from the UK. I have over 5 years experience working in the Unity engine creating, games, tools and prototypes.


In 2013 I began a Games Development course at Plymouth City College. During that time, I completed several small games and game jams. All of the projects I worked on were made using Unity and C#. Towards the end of my studies I got the chance to show of a survival game I was working on at a local event.


During 2015 I worked as an IT Technician at Plymouth High-School for Girls, whilst working there I used the skills I had built over the past 2 years to create simple tools to help IT support and education. These included a support ticket site and a 3D program that IT students used to study the components inside of a computer.

In addition to working in IT I also released my first tool on the Unity Asset Store. The PrefabBrush is a simple tool that allows users to paint prefabs across a colliders surface. Since release I have launched 2 big updates, provided fast email support and received multiple 5 star reviews.


After a year working in IT I needed to push myself further, in order to do this I began studying Games Development (Programming) at Falmouth University. During my time at Falmouth I worked with several different teams to create games that range from couch competitive titles to third person shooters. I also studied and used development methodologies such as Agile and collaborated on projects using GIT, SVN and Perforce.

In 2018 I worked on my first commercial product. I spent roughly 4 months working on a mobile idle game called SheepShop. I worked with another Unity Developer and a Designer to complete the game for an early access release. I worked on almost every area of the game with a few examples being touch controls, AI, Effects and UI.