University Projects

From 2016 to 2019 I studied Games Development at Falmouth University. Each year I got to work with a group of other students to design and develop a game, that would make up a large part of our grade.

Working on these projects allowed me to gain experience that I otherwise would struggle to develop in my own time. Skills such as team work, agile development and becoming a more T shaped developer.

Game Jams

The first complete game I made was a Ludum Dare game jam. The feeling of completing something and sharing it with other people was amazing. Since then I have taken part in loads of game jams. From Global Game Jam to small jams hosted on, I have made loads of small games. Some of them I’m proud of, others are ‘learning experiences’. All of them were great fun though…

I have posted a few of my favourites here so feel free to click the button bellow and check them out.


In my spare time I enjoy making short tutorial videos to share things I have recently learnt. I listed a few of my favourite videos that I have worked on here.