Game Jams
Snow Ball Effect

During my first year at Falmouth University we worked on lots of game jams in small teams. One of my favourites from this time was a game called Snow Ball Effect. Snow Ball Effect is an infinite runner where you play as a snow ball. As you roll through the infinite level you pick up more snow and become larger making it harder for you to avoid obstacles. You can also absorb winter critters to gain point multipliers.

Lunch Time Ninja

For Ludum dare 33 my friend and I did a Game Jam for the theme ‘Monster’ We naturally landed on an idea that represented the biggest monster of them all. Someone who steals other lunches from the office fridge!

We did this jam in the space of 3 days and it was received well among our fellow jammers.

Ship Rekt'd

For my first Global Gam Jam I worked on Ship Rekt’d. In this game you move around a sinking ship grabbing as much loot as you can as it sinks.

Working on this project was great fun. I got to play with mesh deformation for making waves, as well as create some fun mechanics such as the boat leaning based on player position.

I Am Ice

During my studies at Plymouth College we held a small internal game jam. The theme for this jam was Sub Zero.

For this I worked on a platformer game where you play as an ice cube. Walking over hot surfaces would reduce your size while picking up small ice cubes would increase your size. Your size and time would then add up to make your score at the end.