University Projects
1st Year - YouDoVoodoo

During my first year I worked with a team of 11 to make YouDoVoodoo.
You Do Voodoo is a local multiplayer battle arena game for two
to four players.

  • Gameplay And Systems Programming
  • Agile Development
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Work
  • Creating Tools For Designers
2nd Year - NASCHAIR

For my second year project my new team and I worked on a racing game called NASCHAIR. In NASCHAIR you raced againts your friends and AI using office chairs in a post apocalyptic environment.
This project brought many challenges which our team had to work hard to over come.

  • Gameplay And Systems Programming
  • Agile Development
  • AI Programming
  • Working With Designers To Iterate On Gameplay
3rd Year - Ryoko

For my final year I worked on a third person shooter project with a talented team of 11. Working on this project helped me learn huge amount in all areas of games development. This was my first experience using the HDRP for Unity, it was a steep learning curve as part of my responsibly for this project was trying to get the game to run at a reasonable frame rate.

  • Agile Development
  • AI And Systems Programming
  • Pairs Programming
  • Debugging And Optimization
  • Creating Tools For Designers And Artists